Megalopolis Looks Like Francis Ford Coppola Finally Made A Star Wars Movie

It appears that George Lucas's longtime friend and erstwhile production partner Francis Ford Coppola has finally directed his own Star Wars film with his new science fiction epic Megalopolis.  

Coppola's first picture since Twixt (2011) is Megalopolis. The director of Apocalypse Now has been dreaming of this passion project since the 1970s,   

he's now brought it to life with a $120 million personal investment. The main character of Megalopolis is an idealistic architect who, after a catastrophe destroys New York City, sets out to reconstruct it.  

Coppola and fellow genius George Lucas are old friends, much like Steven Spielberg. Whereas Coppola's movies, like The Godfather   

The Conversation, are primarily grounded, character-driven dramas, Lucas's movies have taken audiences to a distant galaxy for centuries-spanning epic laser-sword fairy tales.   

Coppola is at last attempting to make an enormous blockbuster movie, similar to the kind that Spielberg and Lucas pioneered with their early masterpieces, with Megalopolis.   

It resembles Coppola's first Star Wars film in many respects.  

On the set of Coppola's 1968 fantasy musical Finian's Rainbow, Lucas and Coppola first became acquainted.  

Coppola, who was annoyed by the studio's cost-cutting and involvement on the set, found that his growing friendship with Lucas, an equally-aged fellow filmmaker, got him through this trying time.  

hey grew close enough that Coppola asked Lucas to assist with production on The Rain People (1969), his next movie. Coppola and Lucas co-founded their own studio, American Zoetrope,  

escape the type of executive meddling they encountered on Finian's Rainbow (the same studio that just made Megalopolis).  


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