Megalopolis review – Coppola’s passion project is megabloated and megaboring

Frankness is just one of many things that film buffs owe Francis Ford Coppola.  

There are moments of humor and energy in his new picture, which he has worked tirelessly on in honor of his late wife Eleanor.   

In a clever move, Jon Voight uses his bow and arrow in a scenario.   

An intriguingly self-aware spectacle, reminiscent of an old-fashioned contemporary dress Shakespeare performance,   

is occasionally created by the film's elaborately furnished art deco theatricality.  

When compared to the functional achievements of lesser directors, who aim low and just barely strike the target's bottom rim, a Coppola failure is undeniably far more interesting.  

Adam Driver in an image from Megalopolis's teaser  

'Has this man ever directed a film?' A forty-year struggle to get Megalopolis into theaters for Francis Ford Coppola  


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