Memphis Grizzlies land 9th overall pick in 2024 NBA Draft Lottery

On Sunday, the Memphis Grizzlies won the ninth overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft lottery.  

The Grizzlies had not won a lottery pick since they selected Ja Morant with the second overall choice in the 2019 NBA Draft. With the No. 10 overall pick that the New Orleans Pelicans made in the 2021 NBA draft, Ziaire Williams was also selected by Memphis.  

Grizzlies representative in the 2019 draft lottery was Elliott Perry. This time, Tayshaun Prince, a current vice president of basketball relations and former forward for the Grizzlies, did the honors.  

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With a 7.5% probability of landing the first overall pick, a 31.9% chance of landing in the top four, and a 34.1% chance of landing in the eighth spot, Memphis went into the draft lottery.  

. The Grizzlies' odds of finishing in ninth place were 12.9%.  

The Grizzlies fell to ninth place as the Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets leapt into the top four from behind Memphis.   

Houston and Atlanta had the tenth and twelveth best odds at the beginning of the day, respectively. The Hawks won the top overall pick.  

Using a machine, 14 pingpong balls are mixed to create a potential 1,0001 number combinations for the selection lottery.   

In 20 seconds, the first ball is taken out, and then three more are taken out every ten.   

Memphis was given seventy-five different combinations. The Hawks had thirty options, while the Rockets had fifteen for comparison.  


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