Memphis Grizzlies Make Offseason Announcement

The "Raise the Rim" unveiling ceremony at Fox Meadows Elementary School on Tuesday, May 21, has been announced by the Memphis Grizzlies.   

The group will give the school two brand-new basketball hoops with the Grizzlies logo.  

Principal of Fox Meadows Elementary School Tameka Allen thanked the Grizzlies in a statement for the occasion.  

"We are extremely appreciative of the Grizzlies for their kind donation of two brand-new basketball hoop systems," stated Tameka Allen, principal of Fox Meadows Elementary.  

"It will foster a sense of school unity and provide our students with the chance to grow in their abilities."  

Grizzlies legend Tony Allen, Grizzlies analyst Brevin Knight, and Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins are just a few of the talented people the team will be bringing to the event.   

Taylor Jenkins, the head coach, also contributed $20,050 to the cause.  

Despite the struggles, next season already looks far more promising for the Grizzlies. With Ja Morant returning and the emergence of GG Jackson, the Grizzlies have a chance to do something special. 


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