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Mom Consistently Picks Up Her Son Late From His Boxing Class To Use His Instructor For 'Free Childcare'

"One day a week, I teach boxing to kids as my spare time hobby," he explained.   

It seems like one mother is making the most of these classes. She's getting worse and worse at picking up her child from the lesson.  

The teacher gave the woman the rundown of her circumstances, saying that the free child care she's trying to get isn't exactly life-saving.  

"Just so you know, this is a very wealthy woman," he noted. "She's not out working a job," he said.  

Being a stay-at-home parent is her job. Just one child. On top of being chronically late, she enjoys engaging in extremely drawn-out discussions with me, which is why she confided all this in me.  

After the mother was chronically late every day in March, the teacher started timing her to see how often she was late to pick up her son.  

I made sure to display my timer to her, and I warned her that her child would be removed from my class if she continues," he explained.  

I brought up the timer and activated it once more after she attempted to interrupt us. I was being "unjustifiably rude," she claimed.  


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