NBA Mock Trade: Brooklyn Nets Land No. 1 Overall Pick From Atlanta Hawk

With the NBA playoffs well into the second round, teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the rest of those watching from home are planning for the offseason.  

Sean Marks, the Nets general manager, has some difficult decisions to make. Nic Claxton is an unrestricted free agent who could shape how Brooklyn operates this offseason. Or, Marks and the Nets can take matters into their own hands.  

While the Nets do not have control over their future draft picks for the time being, thanks to a failed experiment in 2021 to acquire James Harden  

a strategic rebuild could be more beneficial than trying to build a fringe playoff team in the coming years.  

Re-signing Claxton, 25, to a four-year deal sounds incredible  

He will reach his prime. But, as a defensive anchor, does it matter if the rest of the roster is ready to compete? Maybe letting Claxton walk and hitting the rest button would be beneficial for Brooklyn.  

In a weak 2024 NBA Draft cycle, maybe the Nets can facilitate a trade to get into the first round of the draft to select a young flier of a pick to kick off a rebuild following a 32-50 season. 

Bleacher Report mocked up some trades for teams to land the No. 1 overall pick from the Atlanta Hawks, which included a package from the Nets. 

In this trade, the Nets send Mikal Bridges, Dorian Finney-Smith, the Phoenix Suns' 2027 first-round pick and the Memphis Grizzlies' 2028 second-round pick 

In return, the Nets would receive Clint Capela and the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. 

the Nets could formally kick off a rebuild by selling players of value for young players and draft assets, a proven formula for teams to successfully build a championship-contending team with a prolonged window.


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