NBA Provides Big Ja Morant Update.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver provided an optimistic update on Ja Morant at a recent meeting with media, as reported by Damichael Cole of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

"He and I have checked in with each other over the course of the season, but more importantly, working with the players' association, we have regular check-ins with him and his team

around him and have done that throughout the year," Silver stated. "Every report has come back quite positive.

Silver stated, "Working with the team and his personal management, having a stronger support team around him seems to be making a difference in his life."

According to Cole, NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars also commented, saying, "This is a young guy who has made some mistakes, but I will say this:

when he came into this office and met with Adam, myself, and a couple of other people, he owned it."

" He didn't sit there making excuses or saying, 'No, I didn't.' He admitted it and accepted his sentence.

When I see that, I believe a guy has the potential to be better. "You can't get better unless you have something."

Morant and the Grizzlies are hoping to reenter the playoff race next season and restore the momentum they had as a team before this season.

Houston Rockets forward Dillon Brooks has been going at LeBron James for a while now, most notably calling out the Los Angeles Lakers star during last year's playoff series between Los Angeles and the Memphis Grizzlies.  

Memphis, he is still embracing that villain role, and once again was ready to go at James when the Rockets faced the Lakers earlier this week. 


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