NBA Reveals Big Ja Morant Update

Silver continued, "Working with the team and his personal management, having a stronger support team around him seems to be making a difference in his life."  

According to Cole, NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars also spoke, saying, "This is a young guy who has made some mistakes, but I will say this: when he came into this office and met with Adam,  

myself, and a couple of other people, he owned it." He didn't sit there making excuses or saying, 'No, I didn't.' He admitted it and accepted his punishment  

When I see that, I believe a guy has the potential to be better. "You can't get better unless you have something."  

And, while the Grizzlies will be just one of several teams pursuing Mitchell, they have the assets and resources to make a strong offer in the sweepstakes,  

which could shake up the Western Conference hierarchy significantly  

The only question for the Grizzlies is whether Morant can stay out of trouble long enough to make it through a lengthy playoff run.  

Following Ja Morant's suspension, the Grizzlies entered the 2023-24 season uncertain about their next steps  

While Ja's return sparked a brief surge for his team, an injury later in the season forced him back to the bench,  

the Grizzlies have been almost completely irrelevant since.  

. The latest team on the list is the Memphis Grizzlies, who have emerged as a darkhorse contender to pair Mitchell with their franchise face, Ja Morant. 


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