NBA Rookie Makes Wild LeBron James Statement

Memphis Grizzlies rookie GG Jackson was the NBA's youngest player this season, yet he emerged as a valuable rotation piece for Memphis in the absence of so many key players due to injuries.

Jackson earned a guaranteed deal for his performance last season and is expected to be a key member of the team's rotation next season. 

As the NBA's youngest player, Jackson had the opportunity to compete against several great he grew up admiring.

One of these talents was Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, whom Jackson recently spoke about on FanDuel's Run It Back show.

"It was kind of me like checking on him, not in an aggressive way," Jackson replied when asked if he and James had any conversations on the floor. 

"He drove down the center in the transition, and I absolutely took the ball from him. It's LeBron,

 therefore they called a foul. I said, 'I got you on top of your head?' He started touching that hairless spot lightly... "He is still the king, though."

Jackson is fantastic in every interview, always telling humorous anecdotes to anyone he is chatting with. 

 This appearance on Run It Back was no exception, as the Grizzlies youngster told this LeBron James story while also making a controversial revelation regarding his bald spot.

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