NBA team honors legend

Kevin Harlan was the Minnesota Timberwolves' first-ever play-by-play commentator for the first nine years of the team's existence.  

Although it wasn't Harlan's first performance, it undoubtedly helped launch him onto the national scene.  

Harlan was the Kansas City Kings (now the Sacramento Kings) of the NBA's TV and radio voice right out of college.   

He subsequently worked for one year as an announcer for his alma university, the University of Kansas, before using that position to call games for the Kansas City Chiefs (1985–93).  

Prior to that, he had spent several years presenting and producing pre- and post-game shows while still a student at Kansas.  

In addition, he called University of Missouri football and basketball games from 1986 to 1989.  

It wouldn't be out of place to remark that Harlan wears a lot of hats. Nonetheless, he will always be connected to the Timberwolves.   

Harlan also had a brief opportunity to put down the microphone when commentating for TNT during Sunday's T'Wolves vs.  

Denver Nuggets playoff game from the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.  

This is due to the fact that they celebrated Harlan's 35 years on the team by honoring him during a play-break.  

“Moments ago, fans celebrated 35 seasons of Timberwolves basketball,” said TNT Sports sideline reporter Allie LaForce.  


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