NBA world reacts as Grizzlies make huge Ja Morant trade.

The Memphis Grizzlies published a statement Saturday afternoon after the NBA stated it would investigate an alleged incident involving Ja Morant.  

The Memphis Grizzlies confirmed that Ja Morant will miss at least two games.  

Morant, who showed a gun on Instagram Live early Saturday morning, will miss at least two Grizzlies games. 

Despite being second in the Eastern Conference, the Grizzlies (38-24) will keep Morant out of Sunday's game against the Clippers and Monday's game against the Lakers (Tuesday). 

The NBA reacted to Morant's punishment. “Hopefully Ja gets the message this is aiming to send,” Philly Sports Network's Sean Barnard wrote.

“With all the gun violence in todays america, suspending ja for 2 games, considering his influence, seems like a slap in the face literally EVERYONE,” a fan said of Morant and the Grizzlies. 

What's Ja doing? "Too good and young to be destroying his own career," wrote Vic Lombardi.

Brandon Nwokeji, a fan, said, "The Memphis Grizzlies franchise from top to bottom must take the reins to assure Ja's behavior doesn't happen again moving forward." 

"Remember it and don't let it be wasted. Recall the sensation of watching the opening round while seated at home.   

Make sure that none of this is wasted.  

it came with turnovers, but he's not yanking me, he's letting me feel it out. I'm bringing it up, it's nice." 


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