Olivia Rodrigo live at The O2: this often felt like a Greatest Hits show

Olivia Rodrigo's massive four-night run at The O2 felt appropriate given that her debut album, 2021's SOUR, became the most streamed album by a female artist on Spotify on the same day.  

SOUR turned the former Disney Channel child star into one of pop's most exciting names. It was a feast of incredibly hooky pop-punk (more emphasis on the pop) that dealt in doomed love stories, angst-ridden drives   

And then, after a mere two years, its deserving heir appeared, bringing the intensity and one-liners to a whole new level while deftly evoking the drama of coming of age  

Even though there is a lot of wryly rendered heartbreak in the film, GUTS also ventures into some uncharted territory.  

Specifically, the outrageous and unachievable expectations that society places on young women. To a chiming nursery rhyme, she sings, "I'm grateful all the time," on All-American Bitch. "I'm sexy and I'm kind, I'm pretty when I cry."  

The show had all the hallmarks of a massive pop show, including roving audience cameras, floating stages, frequent costume changes, and obligatory camcorder footage of a young Rodrigo yelling into a plastic microphone as a child.  

During Logical and Enough for You, she slowly soared around the venue on an airborne silver moon, greeting her screaming fans like a royal dignitary. 

Still, a tight live band, and the singer’s knack for banter kept things from feeling too remote or overly polished. “I love English food!” she exclaimed ahead of So American. “I, for real, had beans on toast for breakfast!”


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