On May 14, three zodiac signs are having second thoughts about their relationship.  

Have you ever pondered what's going on within someone you're romantically associated with? This Tuesday, three zodiac signs will detect something peculiar about their spouses.  

May 14 sees the Moon square Venus, which casts uncertainty. What about that little'squared' aspect? That's what might cause the unraveling.  

The best bet for Tuesday, May 14, is to identify our second thoughts about the person we're with and ask the crucial questions to avoid our brains taking over and conjuring scenarios that may or may not have been.   

You've got a secret. Your secret is that you have been wondering if your partner has a secret that they have not revealed to you.   


Okay, so you're totally committed in your love relationship, and all of a sudden, you have this strange sense of dread, like if a chilly breeze has just passed over your heart.   


Because you are so sensitive, you often take up on more than you want to, indicating that you are also compassionate.   



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