On May 14, two zodiac signs are expected to experience abundance.  

This Tuesday, two zodiac signs might experience abundance, with Lilith, Virgo, and the Sun all contributing to a genuine perspective.   

Authenticity is the key to abundance because you cannot attract the life you deserve until you have fully embraced your true self.   

On Tuesday, May 14, Lilith in Virgo will unite with the Taurus Sun, establishing a genuine channel through which you will be directed to honor your inner truth and materialize the life that is meant for you.  

As Lilith aligns with the Taurus Sun, you are being challenged to take action in your life by seizing the power that genuine honesty provides and making whatever necessary adjustments to show up as the author of your life.

Abundance Affirmation: I am sufficient and worthy to realize all of my desires.  


Asteroid Lilith, the zodiac's rebel, is in your sign of Virgo, helping you question your beliefs and the realities you allow to influence your actions.   

Abundance Affirmation: I am empowered to live a life that promotes my best self.  


You've been thinking more about what makes up the life you've always wanted, and as a result, your priorities have changed.  


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