Optical Illusion: Can you locate the cupid in this optical illusion picture in 9 seconds?

Cupid is hidden in this antique optical illusion picture and 20/20 vision can only spot him in 9 seconds. Are your eyes the sharpest? 

Find out today!Nowadays, optical illusions are popular internet challenges. It may be the easiest approach to assess sight and attentiveness.

Optical illusions also promote cognition by stimulating the brain and improving reasoning and analysis.

Find out today!The old painting above shows a man with beautiful hair.

This antique optical illusion picture challenges viewers to find Cupid in 9 seconds.

Solvers of such complex puzzles are regarded to be competent in real-life problem handling. 

High mental power and creative thinking give them an edge.

Did you spot the cupid?Readers who found the cupid in time deserve a standing ovation.

Those who couldn't find cupid must perform such challenges daily to improve their vision.


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