Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Word 'Pass' Hidden Among 'Bass' In 10 Seconds?

Optical illusions have long fascinated us with their ability to deceive our eyes and minds. One such illusion involves spotting hidden words within a jumble of letters. 

In this case, we'll challenge you to locate the word "Pass" concealed among the letters of the word "Bass." Can you do it in just 10 seconds? Let's find out!

Take a minute to concentrate your attention on the word "Bass" displayed below. This seemingly common word contains the secret word "Pass."   

Optical illusions, such as the hidden word within "Bass," highlight the complex workings of our vision. They push us to go beyond the apparent and uncover the nuances that exist under the surface. 

Did you manage to spot it? If not, don't worry; let's reveal the hidden word to you.

The hidden word "Pass" is snuggled snuggly between the letters of "Bass," beginning with the second letter. It's a great optical illusion that shows how our minds may occasionally miss things right in front of us. 


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