Optical Illusion Eye Test: Spot the third person in 9 seconds!

Visual Deception Eye Test: In this image, a third person is concealed in plain sight.

In nine seconds, can you identify the person? Take a quick observation test now! 

The word illusion comes from the Latin verb illudere, which meaning to deceive or ridicule.  

When it comes to giving us a sensory experience of the environment, our brain usually fills in the information gaps that the eyes miss. We refer to it as perception.  

Optical illusion pictures are one of the easiest ways to assess a person's brain's attentiveness because they are made to deceive people's perceptions.  

Optical illusion images have also been employed by neuroscientists to investigate how the brain interprets reality.  

It has been argued that solving optical illusion puzzles can help people become more adept at solving problems and generating lateral thoughts.  

Ready to put your visual acumen to the test?  


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