Optical Illusion Test: Only A Genius Can Spot The Hidden Diamond Ring In The Picture

This exam requires the users to locate the concealed diamond ring in the image before anybody else does. The shortest time taken till now was 31 seconds. See if you can locate the diamond ring before this time.   

The agricultural scene depicts sunflowers, wheelbarrows transporting carrots, and a few rabbits eating on the ones that are still in the ground.  

However, there is a diamond ring hiding in the flowers. Can you spot it?

The ring is made of yellow gold and has a single diamond. It looks similar to Meghan Markle's ring. This is the ring you need to discover concealed among the sunflowers.  Look again.  

Allow us to help you further. Try staring at the right side of the optical illusion artwork or the image given. You will simply find the ring.  

We hope you found the ring now. It was camouflaged so well, that it had become almost impossible to locate. 

For those who could not find the ring still, the picture below has the answer. Check the image  to find the ring’s location. 


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