Optical Illusion Vision Test: in 5 seconds, identify the distinct car in the image!  

Mind-bending images that test our visual acuity and perception are known as optical illusions. These illusions offer profound insights into the intricate ways in which our brain interprets this visual data.   

Studies suggest that regular practice of optical illusions or similar types of challenges helps boost critical thinking and problem-solving skill Do you have the sharpest eyes?

Readers can make out nine cars in the picture shared above. There is one exclusion, though. One car in this image is not like the others. Can you locate it in five seconds?

Have you found it? Hurry up; the clock is ticking. And… Time’s up. Stop looking.

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You have the best observation skills. Now, let’s check out the answer provided below.

Congratulations to those readers who have managed to spot the different car within the given time limit.  

The different car is the one with a yellow rim. It is marked with a circle for reference.


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