"Please be respectful of the other gymnasts," Olivia Dunne instructed following hilarious meet situations in Utah.

Olivia Dunne has an incredible number of social media followers, which is proof that she has a large following. 

These ardent supporters frequently attend her LSU gymnastics competitions, which may create a very heated atmosphere.  

Fans routinely cause mayhem at sporting events, and these meetups have shown to be no exception. 

When Dunne and her LSU team visited Utah for a meet approximately a year ago, this was possibly never more clear.  

Even when other gymnasts were competing, the fans were getting fairly rowdy, carrying placards, and chanting at her.  

Dunne didn't particularly enjoy the harsh setting, but it was one anyway. 

Dunne felt compelled to post a request on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter, for her fans: 

She hasn't commented on the issue since, so it seems like her supporters understood and have since cooled down and respected her rivals and teammates more. 


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