Sam Heughan of Outlander channels Batman and arrests a shoplifter like a brave citizen.

Boost it with a piper, Outlander enthusiasts!   During his time as Batman, Sam Heughan, better known as the handsome Jamie Fraser, demonstrated that he is more than just a lovely face.  

Even though Jamie Fraser from Outlander may be a skilled claymore user, Sam Heughan—the guy wearing the tartan—has a history of valiant deeds off-screen.  

Sam assumed the role of the Dark Knight in the 2012 touring production of Batman Live, long before he put on the kilt.  

However, it wasn't the platform where he really showed off his ability to combat crime.  

Oh no, that's where he really turned into a devoted crusader—at an HMV store!  

A shoplifter tried to steal some DVDs, but our brave hero wouldn't back down.  

Heughan acted quickly, foiling the thief's attempt to flee and conducting a citizen's arrest that took an astounding fifteen minutes!  

The Highlander hottie narrated the story on social media, posting: "HMV browsing."   

A thief attempts to take DVDs. He is stopped by the bouncer. A thief chooses to battle the bouncer. Next, me.  

After throwing him, I restrained him. When the police came, I left. Overtake that status update.  

She even recalled the specifics, quipping: “Some guy was stealing something from HMV?” to which Sam confirmed: “Yeah, I think it was.” 


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