Saturn Retrograde 2024: Watch out for sudden tremors in career and finances

One of the most significant transits in 2024 begins on June 29, 2024, when Saturn – the universal taskmaster – moves backwards in the sign of Aquarius. 

Saturn’s retrograde motion will last 139 days and will be over on November 15, 2024. 

In Vedic astrology, Saturn retrograde has a special meaning as, during this time, the dark planet has a special license to increase its area of influence in our lives.  

Let us understand how this enigmatic period will impact our career and financial choices and decisions during this retrograde motion. 

This phase will be advantageous as it allows you to review your strategies, correct past failings, and firm up your plans. 

There is no need to be discouraged if the results do not meet your expectations. You can use this time to re-strategize and build a solid foundation for your career. 

If cash flow issues arise in business, there may be a temporary loss of profit margins. Just don't rush into anything head-first 

The process can be delayed for those thinking of changing jobs. 

You attract who you are, so focus on the positive aspects of yourself during the Sun-Venus conjunction. It makes no difference whether you are in a relationship or not. Your attitude toward love and life is influenced by how you care for yourself, your health  

You may feel that you are stuck in the mud. The projects that have been flying along may experience setbacks or delays. Take a step back and evaluate your career trajectory to see if there are any changes you need to make. You could be confronted by the aspects where they have avoided responsibility and taken shortcuts. 

It allows you to be ruthlessly truthful with yourself and others about your professional goals 

Be cautious and do not take any risks with money; instead, build a solid financial foundation for the future. 


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