Skillfully-Crafted Bar Eats and More Food New

I failed to provide an adequate review of Paloma Park upon its opening in the spring of 2021.   

You would comprehend my predicament if you were aware of the quantity of "restaurants" that have actually been bars offering Sysco-sourced fried foods and emanating the odor of old beer within the wee hours of the morning.   

Inspiring culinary confidence was lacking due to the owner's involvement with numerous campus bars,  

including Buddha Bar, Centro, Double Barrel, Sandbar, and more. To my utter surprise, I found the food to be more than adequate and the ambiance to be, well, pleasant.   

Please understand that Paloma Park is in fact a bar. Even at off-peak hours,  

there is a man at the door who verifies identities.   

But if you're looking for a spot to grab some munchies before the enormous TV and bass thud begin, it's also a decent choice for brunch.   

An endearing artwork depicting the steps used to make tequila sits next a pair of six-foot-diameter disco balls.   


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