Stranger Things Season 5’s New BTS Photos Don't Look Good For Steve Harrington’s Ending

New behind-the-scenes photos of the season 5 cast members of Stranger Things hint that one underlying Steve Harrington subplot won't work out well for him.

Many unresolved issues were left for the Hawkins crew to deal with following the conclusion of Stranger Things season 4, including a romantic subplot that had been ongoing for Joe Keery's character Steve Harrington.

The majority of season 4 was devoted to Steve's attempts to reconcile his romantic feelings for Nancy Wheeler, who seemed to have a chance at reconciliation due to her distance from Jonathan.

Before the events of Stranger Things season 5, there are still two big questions about Steve's character: will he and Nancy reconcile, and will he survive the impending conflict with Vecna and the Upside Down?

There will be much discussion about the possible and ideal outcomes for each question, and the answers will undoubtedly be provided before the show ends.

But new pictures from the show's co-creators, the Duffer brothers, already reveal the answer to one of these unsolved mysteries, and it doesn't seem like it will be good for Steve in the end.

It appears that Charlie Heaton's character, Jonathan Byers, and Natalia Dyer's character, Nancy Wheeler, will stay together in Stranger Things season 5.

However, fresh behind-the-scenes looks from season 5 seem to be putting Jonathan and Nancy together, which seems to support the theory that in the show's climactic season, Nancy will pick Jonathan over Steve.


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