Stray Kids on 'Lose My Breath' With Charlie Puth, 2024 Album, Tour

The most recent New York performance by the four-time Billboard 200 chart-  

toppers Stray Kids proves that their 2024 album will be "very different from what we've done so far," as the band only told Billboard two months ago.  

Sitting in a recording studio owned by their U.S. label, Republic Records, the K-pop sensations casually discussed their Met Gala debut,  

their recently released collaboration with Charlie Puth, and the excitement surrounding their upcoming projects.   

Their charisma, candor, and slight nervousness came across in the conversation.  

After some time had passed, the members reflected on their Met Gala experience and shared how their initial concerns transformed into enthusiastic anticipation  

"It was a really good experience," Stray Kids' lead singer Bang Chan says with an endearing Australian accent,   

but we were completely unprepared for the Met Gala.  


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