Summer Skies Drink Starbucks Copycat

Starbucks' Summer Skies Drink is as pretty as its name implies and with this copycat recipe, you can make the drink at home!  

The easy-to-make Summer-Berry Refresher base is mixed with coconut milk and raspberry pearls for a deliciously flavorful two-toned drink. 

It looks like a blue vanilla slushie and brings me right back to my childhood! But it tastes even better- like sweet berries married to creamy coconut. 

The Summer Skies Drink takes that sweet and fruity base and mixes it with coconut milk instead of water. 

Starbucks describes it as "a sweet summer blend of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry flavors, shaken with ice and creamy coconutmilk and poured over raspberry-flavored pearls that deliver a delicate and deliciously sweet burst of summer fun." 

Though the drinks haven't been out for long at the time I'm writing this post, the general consensus seems to be that the Summer Skies Drink is the most loved out of all the new Refreshers! And I definitely have to agree. 

If you've tried the Summer Skies Drink and love it, you'll be so happy to learn that you can now make it at home with a simple and easy copycat recipe. 

It has a couple different components to it, but you can do them in advance and whip up a creamy berry drink whenever you want. 

As I mentioned in my post for the Summer-Berry Refresher, I decided not to make the base of the drink with white grape juice because it was hard to get the flavor and color right. 

The first step to making the Summer Skies Drink base is to make the berry syrup. As I mentioned, I did try to make the base with white grape juice, but I find this syrup-based base is way closer to the original! 


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