Sydney Sweeney will feature in the upcoming Barbarella movie.

Sydney Sweeney is in a great place to work on a new Barbarella film right now because of her success with the comedy Anyone But You.

The actress is slated to star in the 1968 Roger Vadim film's remake, according to Deadline. The main character of the film is an astronaut from the 41st century, whose task it is to track down and neutralize the evil scientist Durand Durand.

 Jane Fonda played the lead in what is regarded as a cult classic.

Barbarella is being penned by Jane Goldman and Honey Ross, with Edgar Wright potentially directing. 

We may have to wait for significant developments for some time as everyone involved is working on other projects. But it sounds like it's moving, which is fantastic.

Sony Pictures sees this as a big franchise and is committed to seeing it through to completion.

Regarding Wright, he has been considering initiating this project for some time now. Although he has already met with Sweeney, he has not given his word to helm the film.

This will be a fantastic combination of two highly sought-after commodities in Hollywood, with Sweeney

Additionally, Sweeney is being considered for the role of renowned boxer Christy Martin in a forthcoming biopic.

talented, and about to make a movie that fathers will watch with their daughters in 20+ years to make them aware of domestic violence," the actress said in reference to Sweeney portraying her.

She added that she would be helping Sydney with her boxing training, focusing on the left hook.


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