The judge says he will make a decision on Fani Willis' request to be removed from the Trump lawsuit within the next two weeks.

Atlanta In light of a romantic relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and a top prosecutor,  

the judge supervising the Georgia election interference case against Donald Trump hinted on Friday 

that he would make a decision in the next two weeks regarding Willis's removal from the case.  

Judge Scott McAfee of Superior Court heard arguments about whether Willis's affiliation with special prosecutor 

Nathan Wade creates a conflict of interest that should require them to drop one of the four criminal cases 

against the former president following many days of exceptional testimony.  

In addition to accusing Willis and Wade of lying on the witness stand over the start of their connection, 

the attorneys representing Trump and several of his co-defendants warned McAfee that having   

the district attorney handle the case could jeopardize public trust in the very crucial trial.  


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