These 5 Chinese zodiac signs are luckiest in love in May.  

Under this influence, the five Chinese zodiac signs will have the most luck with love. They are: rabbit, horse, tiger, pig, and goat.  

This week's I Ching hexagram for love is Earth over Earth (#2), which changes to Water over Heaven (#5).  

Focus on yourself and make your life as happy as possible. Nurture yourself with self-care, nice friends, enjoyable activities, and the affection of loved ones.   

1. Rabbit Rabbit, your love luck this week is determined by what you commit yourself to.  

2. Horse Horse, your luck in love this week is all about the individuals in your social circle with whom you are not romantically involved.  

3. Tiger Tiger, your luck in love this week is around determining whether or not you actually want to be in a romantic relationship.   

4. Pig If you are single, Pig, this week is an excellent time to communicate your thoughts about love and romance to yourself.  

5. Goat If you are single, your luck in love this week is around understanding your own value and refusing to let anybody tell you otherwise.  


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