Viral: Psychic's Forecast for Trump in 2024

An unsettling prophecy has been made for the outgoing president Donald Trump, stating that he would obsess over his "losses." 

During her appearance on Jesse Watters' Fox News broadcast, Paula Roberts, popularly known as "The English Psychic," 

utilized a tarot card deck to foretell the coming year.Watters revealed that when he had previously discussed their predictions for the year with another clairvoyant, 

they had informed him that "there would be a grave injustice this fall."Telling his audience, 

"We might not even have an election," Watters said. "Therefore, we need a second opinion. 

She reacted to Roberts' drawing of a man in a long black coat throughout the segment by exclaiming "oh" a lot and appearing to be cautious with her comments from then on. 

"I know I'm on Fox TV," Roberts said hesitantly as she explained the meaning of the card.  

A feeling of being lost. A feeling of bereavement, 


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