Warriors' Thompson criticizes Rockets' Eason after big win

Draymond Green and Klay Thompson standing facing the Houston fans and shouted, "Warrrriors, come out to play!" 

Rockets forward Tari Eason put the message on his shirt before Thursday's game. After the Warriors defeated the Rockets 133-110 in a game with huge play-in implications, Eason left the arena shirtless with a vest and a diamond necklace. 

"That's pretty lame, especially if you're not even playing," he remarked. It's one thing to play and compete and back it up.  

You'll just troll from the sideline? You doing what? We compete when we talk smack. I'm done talking about that." 

Green liked the smack-talk, but he agreed with Thompson that taunting must be backed up on the court. A benign tumor on his lower leg bone required surgery, sidelining Eason for the season. 

"I love it [but] if you're going to say that, you got to play," he remarked. "You can't say that and not play. However, I know his style 

All of that pleases him. He embraces the struggle and challenge. I hope he says the same thing next year and we'll compete for seeding instead of the play-in." 

Golden State's triumph over the Rockets prevented Houston's furious drive from stealing a top-10 spot. 


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