Where to Find Delicious Vegan Bibimbap in the US

Not surprisingly, Korean cuisine is currently seeing a meteoric rise in appeal in the United States.   

A wide variety of spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavors are available in the cuisine, and each dish has its own distinctive flavor profile that is unusual for the country.  

Consider bulgogi, a beloved American dish known for its burnt scent and a delicious blend of savory, sweet, nutty, and umami flavors.   

Also, lacto-fermentation gives kimchi its unique flavor.  

You can easily make both of them with plant-based components, although they aren't typically vegan.   

Bibimbap, a colorful and filling dish that has grown in popularity among American customers, is no different.  

In case you're a fan of this healthy rice dish, we've compiled a list of some of the top eateries around the nation where you can have vegan bibimbap (in no particular sequence!).  

The English name for this Korean dish is "bibimbap,  


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