Woman Creates A 'Treat Stop’ For Dog Owners In Memory Of Her Dog Milli Whose ‘Absolute Favorite Thing’ Was Treat

Dog owners are certain of one thing: our furry companions provide a great deal of significance to our lives.  

Dogs are an emotional anchor in a challenging world, from feeding and walking them to giving them belly rubs at night and morning cuddles.  

The treat stop was a tiny home with a door that opened to reveal a container of dog treats and a picture of Milli.   

She shared a slideshow of the location online. The message written on the box stated, "Millie's favourite thing was treats! I hope your dog had fun too!

By providing treats to dogs on their regular sniffy walks, Milli's owner demonstrated how members of a community can interact with one another even though they are still strangers.  

Someone said in a comment on the post, "I hope people keep replenishing the treat jar!" "What a way to keep Millie’s memory alive."  

Taking this to heart, Allison set up an Amazon shop whose sole purpose is to maintain Milli's treat shop stocked.  

In a follow-up video, she said, "Thanks everyone so much for their donations."  


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