Yellowstone Fans Put Their Detective Hats On to Debunk Kevin Costner’s Return as John Dutton For the Finale

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone is at its final lap after years of captivating audiences with its flawless Wild West plot.  

Fans will say goodbye to the original Dutton family when the second half of season 5 airs.   

Even more terrifying than the anticipated conclusion of the beloved Paramount series is the possibility that Kevin Costner won't be reprising his role as John Dutton.  

The second half of season 5 is anticipated to start production soon, although details surrounding Costner's return are still unclear following his reported falling out with showrunner Sheridan   

schedule difficulties. Fans of Yellowstone, however, are not far behind and assert that Costner will be coming back to the program.  

Fans of Yellowstone have been wondering if Kevin Costner will actually reprise his role as John Dutton for the show's final season ever since stories of an apparent conflict  

Costner and Taylor Sheridan began to circulate (see Cinema Blend).  

Since the show's last broadcast more than two years ago, fans have been excitedly awaiting the start of filming on the second half of the fifth season.   

The last episodes will soon begin filming, with a release date of 2022 originally planned.  

All of these facts suggest that these extras or secret service operatives may have direct contact with the governor of Montana, even though they do not imply that Costner will make a comeback.  

Either the Secret Service operatives can pay him a visit, or Josh Lucas's young John Dutton from the aforementioned dinner scene could bring him back.  


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