You have one minute to find the five essentials for making tea hidden within this optical illusion.

Worldwide, browsing the internet is a fairly popular pastime. We frequently run into puzzle-solving games while doing this. 

The majority of us wield it as a weapon to increase our IQ and mental well-being. Optical illusions enter the picture at this point. 

The capacity of these optical illusions to improve mental acuity has led to their enormous popularity on social media. Users of the internet are forced to exercise their critical thinking abilities by the puzzles available online. 

Right now on social media, an image challenge is going viral. It gives participants the mission of finding five items necessary to brew tea. The image shows a typical office scene with objects hidden in plain sight.

There are several hidden objects in the picture. A mug, a bottle of milk, a bowl of sugar lumps, a jar containing tea bags, and a spoon are among the items that must be seen.

According to the inventors of the optical illusion test, it would take an average person two minutes and thirty-five seconds to locate these objects all at once. 

You have one minute to find these objects because others have finished the task in one minute and forty-six seconds. Should you overcome this task, it indicates that your IQ is higher than average.

Have you been able to identify the objects? Not just yet? Look at these few suggestions. Turn your attention to the second shelf, where you must examine some of the plant pots up close. 


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